How To Choose NBA Finals Prop Bets

nba finals prop bets

How To Choose NBA Finals Prop Bets

NBA Finals props bets are fun and profitable sports betting opportunities. To handicap this series you’ll need to know all the hot-button statistics surrounding this year’s NBA Finals. What’s going to happen in Game 5? Will Cleveland win the title or will Boston pull out a miraculous comeback victory?

Knowing these stats is only half the battle when betting on NBA Finals. To really pick the winner, you’ll need to know which teams have the biggest chances of making it. For instance, don’t bet on the Bulls to beat the Cavs if you feel like the Bulls are doomed to lose. Bet accordingly on the team that has the best chance to make it.

Why don’t you simply ignore the NBA Finals prop bets when they first came out? You have to admit that they made the process a little more complicated than you initially thought. You can follow these prop bets all season long and get results every week. The problem is that most people start with an exaggerated perspective of their chances of winning the NBA Finals.

For instance, one bettor took a final number for his odds for each game in the series (the results weren’t released at the time) and used that number as his number one reason to bet on a particular team. Odds can’t be listed using a final number. If someone says they have a 10% chance of winning a game, chances are they’re not going to be very successful.

The final number is just another way of saying “range.” If you use a final number as your basis for setting odds, you’ll be far more successful.

A team that has an elevated final number can be considered as “underdogs” by most books and sportsbooks. There are many reasons why a team is “underdog,” but two of the most common are the fact that they’re underfunded and the fact that the odds don’t reflect how strong their opponents are. These factors are almost always true when there are underdogs in a series.

If the underdog wins a game, you can bet that they are much better than their odds suggest. Sometimes a team has fewer injuries and other times it has a better roster. If you’re taking advantage of a good matchup between underdogs, the gap can get bigger. If the underdog makes it to the NBA Finals, your money will go farther.

Taking advantage of the fact that the final number is rarely disclosed, you can increase your chances of getting paid big money when you handicap NBA Finals. You don’t need to be a math genius to come up with a decent set of odds. Start with a final number and then add the price of each game into that number to get a rough estimate of your chances of winning.